Hit the Bell 212.254.2454
195 Chrystie St. No. 501B New York City 10002
Hit the Bell is a commercial art collective by
Mats Håkansson (a flâneur born in Stockholm,
Sweden) Nathan Linkous (a visionnaire and modeste biker, comme ça) and Marlene McCarty (an artiste and provocateur represented by the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery). We create images and words, moving and still.

On view until July 29, 2012: Marlene’s drawing “Group 8, (Karisoke, the Virungas, Rwanda. September 24, 1967. 4:30 pm.)” in ABSENTEE LANDLORD, an exhibition at the Walker Art Center curated by John Waters. The catalogue “marlene mccarty: i’m into you now, some work from 1980-2010“ is available at St. Marks Books, Printed Matter and 80WSE Gallery

Brand photography for W Hotels Worldwide, part of the global brand “refresh,”
art directed by Mats and photographed by
Mario Godlewski.

Aaron Roche’s “! Blur My Eyes” has just been picked up by New Amsterdam records. A reissue is in the works. Album art and packaging designed by Nathan.

Fall 2012 fashion week videos featuring
Bibhu Mohapatra, Rochambeau, Nomia, Suzanne Rae, and Haus Alkire.

Marlene worked with Director Todd Haynes
to create the opening titles for HBO’s Mildred Pierce, a period piece set in the 1920’s.

Poster for Kelly Reichardt’s film “Meek’s
Cutoff.” Marlene embroidered title cards for
the film, set in 1865. The film can currently be seen at the Whitney Biennial.

Gran Fury’s first ever retrospective survey exhibition at NYU’s 80WSE gallery featured the group’s iconic work created during the AIDS crisis. On March 23 Marlene and the other members of Gran Fury met with the Art and Labor Coalition of Occupy Wall Street. Strategies of activism, old and new, were discussed. Gran Fury catalogue “Read My Lips” is available at St. Marks Books, 80WSE Gallery, and MoMA Bookstore. The Atlantic HyperAllergic NY Times

In the most recent volume of the journal
Little Joe there is an interview with Marlene.